Michael Whang (관장  황교순)

Korea Martial Arts Society
World Taekwondo Changmookwan Federation - Australia
International Martial Arts Federation - Australia
Korea Composite Martial Arts Federation - Australia

Director of International Affairs,
World Taekwondo Changmookwan Federation

International Director,
World Hapkido Martial Arts Federation

Kukkiwon Australia

Grandmaster Whang is a qualified science teacher who has taught physics at Killara High School and The Hills Grammar School. Grandmaster Whang also has Master’s degree in Education from UNSW.  

Grandmaster Whang was in charge of running Taekwondo at the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000 as the Competition Manager of Taekwondo, SOCOG. Sydney 2000 Olympics was the first Olympic Games for Taekwondo as a full medal sport, therefore, Grandmaster Whang was in charge of writing and implementing all the documents, procedures, policies and system for the Olympic Games which they use today.

Grandmaster Whang has also served in many federations. They include:-
·         Games Committee, The World Taekwondo Federation
·         Tournament Director, Taekwondo Australia
·         Secretary General, TANSW
·         Technical Director, KTA
·         Executive member, ATU
·        Graduate, International Referee Academy, The World Taekwondo Federation
·        Director General and International Director, Chosun Haedong Gumdo Association

Grandmaster Whang has also served in education areas. They include:-
·         Teacher: Killara High School and The Hills Grammar School
·         Assistant Director, Educational Testing Centre, UNSW
·         Project Director, Senior Research Officer, Educational Testing Centre, UNSW
·         Lecturer, Science Method, UWS
·         HSC Scaling Consultative Group, Board of Studies NSW
·         Chairman, HSC Korean Examination Committee, Board of Studies NSW
·         Korean Syllabus Committee, Board of Studies NSW
·         Australasian Science Education Research Association
·         Australian Science Teachers Association
·         Executive Consultant, Daekyo Limited, Korea